Help promote Zim economic development – Taruberekera

Zimbabweans from all spheres of life can help in promoting the country’s development while sharing the best that the country can offer in terms of investment and economic development, Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd Zimbabwe chief executive officer Mr Kudakwashe Taruberekera has said.

Mr Taruberekera, a highly regarded executive who has traveled the length and breadth of the world preaching Zimbabwe’s economic versatility, has represented the country at global events where Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd, has become a regular feature. The well-travelled business executive has also become an ambassador and advocate trying to lure investors into Zimbabwe.

He has upped the antennae advocating for Zimbabwe’s cause in the various global meetings and recently made a strong case for Zimbabwe during the United Nations Global Impact summit held early this month. “We take pride in representing our country, Zimbabwe, in all the meetings we have been invited to attend as Craft Properties, taking into consideration the huge potential we have to grow our economy.

“We also believe that as ambassadors for the country, being invited to all these important meetings gives us an opportunity to highlight that Zimbabwe is indeed open for business,” he said in an interview after actively participating in the United Nations Global Compact Leaders’ Summit 2021. The 26-hour digital journey was attended by Heads of State, chief executive officers, civil society leaders, the UN SecretaryGeneral, youth advocates and changemakers from all over the world.

The participants engaged in candid conversations that seeks drive collective action towards a more sustainable, just and inclusive world. The summit had more than 400 speakers on six Stages with over 20 exhibition, five performances and an interactive networking area. At least 20 000 people from more than 180 countries also gathered for the summit to call for increased corporate ambition to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and net-zero by 2050. According to Sanda Ojiambo, the UN Global Compact chief executive officer and executive director, the summit included over 26 hours of continuous virtual programming.

This included more than 100 global, regional and local sessions – leaders from business, civil society, governments and the UN who reflected on the importance of collaboration and public-private partnerships and pledged to increase their ambition to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and accelerate climate action. “Thank you for your engagement and support.

We look forward to inviting you to Uniting Business LIVE 20-22 Septem- ber which will include the Private Sector Forum, the Global Impact Forum and the SDG Business Forum,” Ojiambo wrote to Mr Taruberekera after the summit. In highlighting Mr Taruberekera’s global influence, the fast-rising property developer and passionate patriot is also expected to attend Target Gender Equality, an accelerator programme of the United Nations Global Compact designed to enable companies to set and reach ambitious corporate targets for women’s representation and leadership.

Companies participating in Target Gender Equality are advancing gender equality in their business. Some of the companies include CaixaBank, which is participating in Target Gender Equality in Spain and is aiming to have 43 percent women in management positions by 2021.

At Capgemini, India, another company participating in the summit, having more women across their ranks means being more effective in corporate philanthropy and having higher-quality corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The BBVA México is driving diversity and inclusion by increasing women leadership positions and making gender equality a strategic priority for the entire business. Companies participating in the UN Global Compact have the opportunity to sign up to Target Gender Equality through 40+ Global Compact Local Networks. “I am more excited to participate given the fact that here in Zimbabwe I am also involved in programmes to do with women’s welfare.

Mr Taruberekera is also a board member and advisor to the Padare/Enkuhleni Men’s Forum on gender that works with government arms to promote gender equality. Padare/Ankuhleni Men’s Forum on Gender deals with issues to do with gender equality. Meanwhile, Mr Taruberekera has also been offered an opportunity to participate in activities lined up for the Bid Group One, where he is a VIP member of the organization.

The activities to be held across Europe were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Due to the recent advances in overcoming the pandemic through vaccination and the growing results of successful measures. Thus, we are pleased to invite Craft Properties Private Limited to participate in our on-site conventions,” wrote Jose E. Prieto to Mr Taruberekera recently.

The events will begin in September 2021, where invited guests will travel to Madrid in Spain while the meeting in October 2021 has been slated for Paris in France. In December 2021, the programme will be held in London in United Kingdom before proceeding to New York in the USA in March 2022 while the last meeting is slated for Frankfurt in German in April 2022.

Mr Taruberekera said: “We are really excited for all the opportunities that have been presented to us and we will also take these as a way to advance our country’s interests while trying to lure investors into Zimbabwe.” Craft Properties is a member of the World Confederation of Businesses and attends global meetings, conferences, seminars and summits held across the world while representing Zimbabwe.

The company, its management and staff have also done Zimbabwe proud after being honoured at various awards in Washington DC, Miami Florida, Texas, Las Vegas, Paris, Oxford in United Kingdon and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It has also represented Zimbabwe at vari- ous forums including the UN public hear- ing on the “Practical Implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals”, the International Arch of Europe for Technology and Leadership, East African Property Investment Business Conference, Solar Business Expo and the Africa Trade and Investment Summit held in Dubai. Craft Properties (Pvt) Ltd Zimbabwe was, more importantly, fully registered in December 2018 with the United Na- tions Head Office in New York, USA, as a supplier and service provider in their field of operation under registration number UNGM586638.

The company is registered to provide services to the United Nations across the globe.

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