Helen McGhie to elect new SDC in 2 weeks


MASVINGO – Helen McGhie Primary School parents will have an opportunity to elect a new School Development Committee (SDC) during the weekend of 7 and 8 May 2021 which may bring to an end to running battles between stakeholders and the head, Sheila Deve.

The last day of nominations is May 7.

Deve gave the 21-day notice during a heated extraordinary meeting held at the school last Friday. Last week’s meeting made it possible for Deve to increase school fees by 75% to RTGS7 000 a term, making Hellen McGhie the most expensive non-private day primary school in Masvingo.

The school’s total anticipated income from school fees this year according to the budget is RTGS$21m or a whopping US$210 000. Parents are bitter that an overstayed outgoing executive had to make a budget for an incoming executive.

Civil servants, in particular teachers are only earning RTG$19 000 a month.

“We have 21 days beginning April 16, 2021, to call and submit nominations for the School Development Committee (SDC) posts. The 21-day period expires on May 7, 2021, and we will hold our AGM on that Friday or Saturday,” said Deve.

The current SDC executive headed by Tinashe Mutema is accused of being in bed with the school head as members allegedly get tenders at the school. Last week’s heated meeting saw parents publicly mentioning names of executive members and other parents who have allegedly received tenders at the school.

Mutema ordered a Mirror reporter not to call him again when he was asked about the allegations.

Deve in a bid to stifle parents’ right to freedom of expression and association dissuaded them from visiting The Mirror with their grievances. She said that The Mirror was just a commercial entity trying to make money out of their problems.

 An analyst told The Mirror that the problem with the running of schools is that parents are disorganised. They find little time to prepare for elections and school heads then pick their own people and in some cases they go on to organise attendance of non-parents who will vote for the school head’s chosen chairperson. https://masvingomirror.com

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