Helen McGhie teacher’s undergarments out!

MASVINGO–Helen McGhie Primary School in Masvingo is quickly declining into a circus.
The school head, Sheila Deve was allegedly involved in scuffles with two ECD teachers, the first incident happening on Wednesday and the other one on Friday last week.
During the Wednesday scuffle which happened at around 9 am at the school’s ECD block, Deve allegedly pushed and shoved an ECD teacher and then lifted up her dress thereby exposing her undergarments in front of toddlers.
Education authorities, the Acting Provincial Education Director (PED) Shylatte Mhike, and Ishmael Chigaba the District Schools Inspector (DSI) remained mum about the incidents despite the negative impact on the juveniles and the right of the parents to know.
Sources told The Mirror that Deve allegedly bragged during a meeting with parents she convened to apologise over the incidents that she was untouchable.
Deve invited The Mirror to the school when she was phoned for a comment. The reporters who dutifully obliged, however, found her gone and her phones were no longer reachable.
Acting PED Mhike said she is not aware of the matter. The School Development Committee chairman, Robert Murimoga also professed ignorance over the matter.
The Mirror has however, gathered that on Wednesday at around 9am, Deve visited an ECD class and was met by the teacher and they conversed for about five minutes before the discussion degenerated into an argument. Deve then allegedly started pushing around the teacher and poking her face.
She then allegedly lifted the female teacher’s dress thereby exposing her undergarments to the children. Ancillary members of staff refrained Deve.
On Friday, Deve then allegedly confronted another ECD teacher Vanzai Mabhudhu. She accused her of being incompetent and lazy. Mabhudu allegedly retorted back and told Deve that she was a control freak. Deve allegedly started shoving and pulling Mabhudu until other members of staff intervened.
Social media is abuzz with word that Deve assaulted the two teachers.
“Deve is lying that the teachers retaliated. We witnessed the incident and it has nothing to do with scheme books. She assaulted the first teacher at 9am on Wednesday at her classroom door. They had a heated discussion before Deve began pushing and shoving her. The teacher did not react and Deve lifted up her dress revealing her undergarments to the ECD pupils. Deve was restrained by an ancillary worker who was passing by.
“She (Deve) verbally assaulted another ECD teacher on Friday morning. She accused her of incompetence and laziness before she began poking and pushing her. She was restrained by other ECD teachers who were nearby. Deve thinks she is above the law and wants to control everyone and everything with an iron fist,” said the source.
The Mirror is told that Deve called ECD parents to a meeting on Tuesday and accused the two teachers of laziness and incompetency before apologizing for exposing their children to unpleasant exchanges.
Deve told the parents that she requested scheme books from one of the teachers to check her children’s progress and realised the book was last updated in April.
“I told her I was keeping the scheme book as an exhibit for her laziness but she grabbed it from me.
“I tried to get the scheme book back from her but in so doing her dress accidentally went up and exposed her under garments to ECD pupils. I want to apologise for exposing your children to that. I felt it necessary for you to hear the matter from me than social media,” said Deve during the Tuesday meeting with parents.
Deve was recently in the eye of a storm following a petition written by parents over alleged corruption involving her and members of the SDA. The case died a natural death.
It is not clear whether PED or the DSI is going to deal with the matter or it will just be allowed to die.

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