Helen McGhie elections pushed to May 18


MASVINGO – Helen McGhie Primary School has pushed its elective School Development Committee AGM from May 8 to May 18, 2021.

Curiously the AGM will take place on a Tuesday when most parents are at work. School AGMs in Zimbabwe are held during week days. Sheila Deve the head and the SDC chairman Tinashe Mutema have been under fire from parents who accused them of alleged mismanagement.

The current invitation for the AGM is signed by the head and this seems to run against the Constitution which says that the SDC chairman invites parents to meetings in consultation with the head.

Deve recently announced the date of the AGM at an extraordinary meeting and said it on record that elections would be held on May 8. The Mirror however, followed this with the chairman Mutema who although he was present at the meeting refuted the date.

Most parents only got to know of the first AGM date through a report carried by The Mirror. The SDC constitution which applies to all schools requires the notice to be published at least seven days in advance.

Efforts to get a comment from either Deve or Mutema were futile.

A memo dated April 27, 2021 announces the date and venue of the meeting.

“Nomination forms with school stamp, logo and signed by the school head shall be obtained at the school reception and must be returned to the school not less than 72 hours (end of day of the 14th May 2021). Registerers of Parents or legal guardians will be available. One member per family/ household is allowed to nominate and cast a vote,” reads part of the memo.

An AGM to elect a new SDC committee was abandoned last year owing to Covid-19.

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