Helen McGhie chair threatens to expose parents who wrote petition


MASVINGO – In an obviously unprofessional and unethical move, Helen McGhie School Development Committee (SDC) chairperson Tinashe Mutema has threatened to expose the names of parents who last week signed a petition against him and the head Sheila Deve.

The move will see the head and teachers at the school victimising children of the parents.

Mutema who runs a motor spare parts shop in town after Standard Charterd Bank which he worked for closed down said he was going to expose names of 31 parents who went to the Provincial Education Director, Shylatte Mhike with a petition.

Mutema responded angrily when The Mirror called him for a comment and cut off the phone. An analyst who commented on condition of anonymity said Mutema is violating parents’ right to freedom of expression by making threats that could eventually affect their children. He said Mutema is using bullying tactics to intimidate the parents and the parents have a right to sue him

“If that is what he is doing then the school has a completely wrong man for that office. The office requires a person of integrity who is ready to listen to the parents’ grievances. The parents can sue him,” said the analyst.

Mutema and the head have been accused of alleged corruption and bad governance in the school. They immediately reversed some of their decisions after parents petitioned a higher office.

Mutema has been in office for six years and is insisting to contest again despite the fact that parents ae up in arms against him. The school’s name has also been soiled over the last three years.

 “I have told you not to call me. I do not want to speak with anyone from The Mirror,” said Mutema when contacted for a comment.

Below are some of the messages sent into a parents’ group

Vabereki vakanyora petition are only 31 out of more than 500 parents.

Vamwe vaitonyorana mazita mukadzi nemurume kuti number iti kwirei.

Amwe mazita acho pa 31 havasi vabereki kkkkk. Vamwe vacho zvavatori vanyarikani vari muno. Ku AGM havauyi, last EOM yakaitwa havana kuuya.

Mazita avo ndinawo  ese. Do you want to know them?

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