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Heartrending story of a boy injured in an accident at 4 months


Heartrending story of a boy injured in an accident at 4 months


Mirror Reporter

Chikomba – Perfect Sikume’s story is heartrending.
At nine years of age he softly speaks of his wish to be like other children of his age who go to school, play in the fields and can do chores on their own.
Unfortunately Perfect cannot do any of those after surviving a fatal accident near Chikinda in Zaka that claimed the life of his mother on March 18 2013.

He was four when the accident happened and nothing serious was noticed on either him or his mother Shingai Munzvengi. However, one and half years later his mother developed serious complications soon after weaning him off. She died and doctors established that she suffered internal chest injuries at the accident.
Soon Perfect started developing deep, gaping, flabbergasting wounds and his nails are falling off. He became wheelchair bound but his wit is as sharp as ever. It was later established that his spinal cord was disturbed during the accident.

“I want to be free to play like other children, to go to school and be able to read and do chores,” said Perfect in an interview with a local pastor.
His father Phanuel Sikume is a man of little means and has no money to send the boy to school or for medical treatment. Perfect relies on herbs for treatment of his wounds, said Harrington Mukandiwa the Circuit Superintendent for Chideme in Chivhu in an interview with The Mirror
“Perfect’s situation is heartrending. He stays with his father in the village. He has no money for the hospital or for school fees. The wounds developing all of his body are astounding and we are appealing to well-wishers to help,” said Rev Mukandiwa.
Well-wishers can contact Rev Mukandiwa on 0773747785.https://masvingomirror.com

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