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Health worker wrecks 35-year marriage with flirting teacher

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Health worker wrecks 35-year marriage with flirting teacher


As usual, HOTH introduces those new buzzwords or phrases that usually go viral and you know how much we all love those. Everybody is using them. Ko that’s when we will be writing about vaya vekungwara ngwara sevari kuchera nyoka. Those people are always shooting box office movies. Those kinds of movies catch the attention of HOTH. For Christ’s sake; try to contain your excitement.
But interestingly, HOTH is a scandal’s contra-indicator. I mean it’s a sign that someone should not continue with a particular behaviour because it may be harmful to his or her reputation. Unfortunately at the beginning of a scandal, everything seems to go on well until it’s busted in one way or the other and before it is a social-media bump story all over.
I am afraid I haven’t asked my fellow Cde Money High school choirmaster how he is taking Ukujola these days. Asi with your age are still able to call it Mjolo or like Cde Orodhi Pumura wakutomuti Mujoro? Don’t ask me who I am referring to because HOTH is having one of those days where my middle finger is answering all the questions.
Mjolo is one of those catch-all, fashionable, buzzwords that are currently all the rage at the height of every infidelity that is going on these days. The way the current generation is glorifying this thing called Mjolo is getting to another level. They will definitely win the prize for the hyperbole of this Mjolo fad.
So Mjolo should be a thing of this younger generation. Zvekuzonakirwa neNyika makura sekuru munobvaruka bhachi. HOTH is reliably informed that a 59-year-old madhala from Rujeko C got in an entanglement so recently. Aaah…Nyika isadaro shuwa. At that age motanga mjolo mune shuwa here imi.
It has come to HOTH’s attention that this ancestor…let us call him Cde Nyika for simplicity’s case has gone haywire with this young lady in her late 30s. Cecilia Mwendamberi ini ndinokuda. Usatambire pedo nezvikomana zvemughetto ungangodyira ndikabata pasi…!!! Just singing hangu. The late James Chimombe is a legend.
So Cde Nyika who is a worker in the ministry of Health iko kuDikita uko kuchirorwe , I am told met Cecilia who is a teacher kwaMarecha uko in this chicken bus. Do we still have chicken buses or they are now chicken cars?
Kkkkk Of course vana Cecilia marova rova kaya so she struck a conversation with Cde Nyika ndobva sisi vatanga havo kusona mabhotoro telling the old fella about well-connected she is. From that day he met sisi ivava vanga vakapfeka mbada kunge dindingwe, Cde Nyika vakabva vatanga kuita pungwe kusvika kwati ngwee vari paMarecha apo.
How he travelled the length and breadth of Chirorwe and Marecha without a personal vehicle remains a mystery to HOTH, but believe me, he was there day and night. He finally abandoned his wife and family in Rujeko and started co-habiting with Cecilia in Mucheke D.
Asi Cde Nyika tiitirei mushe imi. At that age mukutanga zveMjolo. What pained HOTH most is that makabva matomupa nebank card and your family were left starving for months on end. I am not so sure if the couch** is so different to that of your wife that you have decided to ruin your 3-year old marriage. Well, I am not a marriage counsellor and I will never be one so, I am not going to give any piece of advice but my piece of shit.
To worsen the matter you started to freely grab property at your house to give your side chick. I don’t know if the term side-chick describes well rova rova renyu iri. I think you must have a psychic problem we probably don’t know or at least do not understand. HOTH doesn’t know what had gotten into you. You are left with only five years to retire, but you are now starting mjolo. Hamusi mava kuzvinyanya here? Makainonokera colgate iyi sekuru.
That reminds me of the funny saying I always hear hanzi “if Satan wants you to be poor he will give you a girlfriend.” Kkkkk igirlfriend here iya yakapera panonaka kare iya? Imi sekuru ndozvakaita girl here izvozvo? One thing that HOTH can say to you is makataimirwa twupension itwo tuya. Ugoti twakawanda.
Munodyiwa nemadhadha asekuru. The game is not for grannies itai zvekutamba nevazukuru musiire vana mjolo uyo kkkkkkkkk Age yenyu iyu vazhinji are mow Mjolo dropouts.

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