Headmasters issue weekend passes to female students for sex

When Yours Truly was told about this in February I ignored it since it was only one headmaster who was mentioned, but this week I was given a list, murabaraba, of these bad apples in our education system. Nyanya dzevakuru, nhubu, svavi aaah yaa, zigotsi kana kunyara ku…ku…mwana wako.
HOTH is told weekend passes are only issued to those who would have agreed to go between the sheets with the headmasters from those boarding schools, mabva mavazivaka especially vaya vakabvuma. Nemwivo vana vacho munoda zviro.
While HOTH thought all headmasters have some semblance of respect, Yours Truly has discovered that some idiots in the education sector will unleash the animal in them at the slightest opportunity.
Ndabva ndafunga former PED who resigned some years back, dzakavigigwa mombe paoffice in a exchange for a teaching job, mombe dzakawanda kuti vashare. Workers in the CBD and the Police were shocked to see herd boys I running battles with cattle, upon being asked they said they brought them for the PED to select the choicest beast in exchange for a place to teach.
Some workers at Wigley overheard the issue and told the PED kuti mombe dzauya kuti mushare iii, maiwee PED quickly wrote a resignation letter in shame as he was exposed and when he confronted the man involved in the deal the man said I heard as if you said vuyai nemombe mangwana ndozoshara tokazi randoda. PED vakati ayewa ndakati vuyai nemombe kumaMangwandi.It was too late for mama.
Apa mombe dzanga dzatozadza ndove mutawindi.
Enough of that.
Kwai this other headmaster anoita saane Magic, he would issue a pass to a nice laza, chidoko chakanuna, and then give her transport and lodge money vonosngana paLodge iya iri uko mberi mberi kuEast, ehe ikoko. The matter came to light when the owner of the Lodge was doing some security checks during the night, ndiye dhuma dhuma nemota yaHead yakapakwa pamukova peroom yanga ine chimwana changa chauya kuma5pm.
The workers did not suspect anything because she had said she could not proceed with the journey as it was getting dark. Ndokupuwa room ndokuvata, kuvata futi, hapavatiwi for free, there is no free lunch in this world.
The Mayor, sorry I mean the lodge owner heard some funny noise coming from the room, Sir murikundikuvadza aaah, nhai Sir, hamunyari.
The scandalous headmasters are from Masvingo Province, Bikita, Gutu, Chivi, Mwenezi, Chiredzi, Zaka and Masvingo. Kana mune nharo I will name and shame them next week.
Todii neMaheads awa.
Till next week, makuhwa ngaatsve.

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