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He gift of storytelling – a movie called “Adrift”


He gift of storytelling – a movie called “Adrift”


By Dumisani Kufaruwenga

Everyone must watch a movie called “Adrift.”

Adrift is the ability to remain afloat, it has connotations of success and survival in the face of the adversity of suffocation.

Adrift is survival when sorrounded by the sadness of sinking in the despair of drowning.

 “Adrift” is a movie about success. Sadness. Survival. And love.

It is the storytelling skill of the producer of the movie that is more fascinating than the story itself.

The story is that of a girl who survives 41 (forty one) days at sea after a shipwreck.

In literally works, a technique called “flashback” is often used to rivet and captivate the attention of the reader or the audience, depending on the circumstances.

It is the “flashback” technique which is employed by the producer of the movie which keeps everyone spellbound.

The movie starts with a girl who is desperately stranded in the bowels of a shipwreck, where she extricates herself to the boat’s surface, screaming and calling out her lover’s name. 

And the scene moves back five years before the incident, when the same girl is shown as a wanderer and drifter who had fled from home and was looking for manual jobs at the bay. There she met and fell in love with a handsome man who owned a boat.

Together with the handsome man, the girl stumbled on an opportunity to sail back home, and along the way, disaster struck.

A storm hit their boat, they fought the storm together, as the girl had become an accomplished sailor in her own right.

But the gentleman who owned the boat was thrown overboard, and died.

The girl survived.

It is the story of the girl’s survival that the producer tells with an amazing flashback skill.

The producer of the movie succeeds, through the flashback skill, in showing that the the girl survived, partly because of the sailing skills she learnt from her lover, and also because of the inspiration she derived from their love.

In so doing, the movie moves seamlessly from the girl’s present predicament, to the build-up torwards the shipwreck, with spectacular suspense.

And the realization, when it occurs, that she was delirious and hallucinating when she seems to have rescued her lover, makes watching the movie one hell of a heartrending experience.

Her lover was dead and gone.

The movie “Adrift” is a gift in storytelling.

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