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Hats off to Jachie’s new album 

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Hats off to Jachie’s new album 



MASVINGO –South Africa-based musician Wayne Jachie has struck the best codes with his new music. 
The lyrics of his new six-track album speak volumes as he addresses societal issues and urges his fellow country men in the diaspora to visit and keep communication with their parents and relatives in the motherland. 
What’s more intriguing is how he fuses Amapiano and Sungura on all tracks introducing a new sound. 
Three tracks, ‘Bye bye’, ‘Timbojola’ and ‘Nditambire’ have vocals while the other three tracks are instrumentals for listeners to appreciate the new genre.
He told The Mirror in a wide-ranging interview that he fused the two genres to show the world that Zimbabwe has the best producers and guitarists.
“I wanted to put the genre of my motherland out there for the world to taste and know, just like we listen to Congolese music. I also accepted that Amapiano is the current leading genre in Southern Africa and by mixing it with Museve the world would know that Zimbabweans are the best guitarists in the world. I wrote songs that will captivate mature listeners and will be played and danced on every occasion even at church gatherings,” he said. 
The track Bye-bye is a plea with thousands of Zimbabweans in the diaspora to visit their relatives back home and keep in touch with them. He sings, ndoenda kumusha kwedu, ndoenda kwedu kwandakakurira home sweet home kwedu kuya kwainorira home bye bye.”
The album incorporated Boksburg-based MGF Records International veteran producer godfather Lazarus Chipangura AKA Elcee Gweja, and Tafadzwa Mubika, the lead guitarist. Hazel Nasuku does the backing vocals.
Jachie was born and bred in Zaka, said he came up with the idea to mix the two genres after a five-year hiatus from music owing to failed projects. 
“I have been in the music business since 2012 when I recorded my first song called ‘Chi chi chi’, which was more of a Zim Dancehall project. I was testing the waters, so I did not put effort and time into marketing the song. Then in 2017, I did an album called Kumusha Ndichauuya. It was predominantly an Afro Jazz project with a bit of an Afrobeat feel. The album lost its identity because I also had an Afro Reggae song. I had faith in the project, and I relocated to Zimbabwe in 2017 where I managed to hold a few shows.
“I however, had to trek back to SA because of my family and work commitments. Out of frustration, I shelved music for about five years and took a day job. However, the music gene seems to be in me so I sat down with my father and I sold him my idea of creating a new sub-genre,” he added.
The songs are available on his YouTube channel.

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