Handicapped to launch album on life of disabled in Zim

Rachel Murondi

CHIREDZI – A Chiredzi based wheelchair bound Hip-Hop artiste Takudzwa Mavata aka Takuman is set to release a seven-track album this week that focuses on a life of a disabled man in Zimbabwe.

The album titled ‘My Own Story’ will be released anytime. It will be his first album since he began music professionally in 2013.

Hip-Hop artiste Takudzwa Mavata aka Takuman

The songs in the album are Dear Naomi; My Unborn Baby; Sad Moments; Interlude; My own story; Pari Pakutsvaga and Mhere Mhere.

Takuman told The Mirror that his album is about true-life reflections and how he wants people to see their own stories in his songs which is why he titled it that way.

“My own story is about me communicating to the world about myself. Its about me being in other people’s shoes and tell their story. I want people to relate to their lives through my songs,” said Takuman.

He started doing music when he was 13 years old. When he was 15, he released his debut song ‘Ndopa kutenda’ which is a gospel song thanking God for the gift of life.

Since then, he has released more than 50 hip-hop songs. He has featured Ti Gonzi in a song called ‘Siyana neni’ which was released last year in April.

Takuman has also released songs such as Zino irema; Kiya kiya ghetto yut; Bless Me among others.

He records his music at Mchudson Entertainment studios in Chiredzi.

His manager Nasty Diego said that the album will be a hit and hope it will establish a marked territory for Taku in the hip-hop industry.

“Taku has proved that his disability is just a matter of perception. I started with the young man because I see a future in him. Soon the whole country will know his name,” said Diego.

Takuman is inspired by Ti Gonzi. He said his music flow, lifestyle, dressing and lyrical content is inspired by Ti Gonzi. https://masvingomirror.com

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