Gzuzu Registrar caught in a sex romp in the office

As you all know we are now moving towards the festive season. A season of feasting drinking and merry-making. I am already in the mood. Yes! I am already humming that beautiful melody by Baba Harare. Asi Baba Harare vanojarira. Vanobva kuMashoko vopinda muHarare votozviita Baba Harare. Aaaah!
Anyway, let me enjoy the song hangu. Mai mwana raaamba kutamba navo vanoda kukufurira kuziva zvinonaka. Unozara Gzuzu mai mwana Gzuzu mai mwana Gzuzu. I am not good at singing though I love it. I am not even good at lyrics either.
I heard there was an XXX-rated porn incident at the school where graduates are being trained to argue any conversation or case that came their way. Ipo paGzuzu apa. It involved none other than the known porn star who wears several hats including that of security. This guy is good at almost everything so that his employer was left with no choice but to elevate him to the position of Director of Security.
I am told his other area of specialty includes backstroke sessions. I heard he is at it again after he was caught in the act. Haiwa mamwe Mabasa anopedza power shuwa.
Women at the institution know that he is a marksman. He can hit the spot with much ease. Mabasa avo anoverengwa. Wherever he hits he establishes a Deeds office. This time he rose to stardom after he was caught in the Act with Madzimbabwe Human Resources and Legal Affairs Director. Ende huye unopa Rutendo. Even if the hubby ari gunners I heard he is failing to hit the Gee. Nhaka hangu!!! Zvimwe tongoita zvekunzwa hatizivi zvazvinoreva. Saka mutiregererewo. But Mr. Gun man remember it’s a men’s world.
The lady is also known for Sternutation. Yes, Sternutation you thought HOTH is not good at the foreign language. Then find your dictionaries. Well, it simply means Sneezing kkkkkkkkk. I heard the woman is a sausage maker, sampler, and consumer.
Mr. Hukumukati or simply Mahuku once delivered a nine-meter scrumptuous sausage to Sneeze and they both went haywire. I don’t know the correct name for someone who specializes in sausages. However, I heard in Shona ndivo vanaDzekoko, vanaDhibha harina mhuru chaivo. Unfortunately, Mr. Hukumukati is missing in action kuMashava uko. He has gone AWOL. If anyone bumps into him just tell him his house needs attention.
VaChitepo igamba redu muhondo……singing hangu. So Chitepo’s legacy was defiled by Sneeze and Mabasa, right? This was after they were caught hunching and romping at the School of Law by security guards. WTF where exactly? In the office where all law modules were converted into a mattress. Of course, USD$50 mayuwesi chaiwo was flashed in their faces as a bribe to stop their upper and lower lip movements.
As usual, Rwatidzo blew the gasket, and hailed all unprintable insults in her vocabulary, and began harassing them, threatening kuvadzinga Mabasa without terminal benefits. Not Mabasa you know, because It was Mabasa who calmed her down. Zvaari Mabasa chaiwo. Shuwa unopa Rutendo chairwo.

Someone hinted that when Mabasa and Rutendo were caught one wise person indicated that Sneeze was the one who had alerted Mukahiya because she was the one who had first tasted Mabasa’s delicious sausage. Most people dismissed it because the girls were tight buddies
Till next week enjoy your weekend. Of course, we have another scrumptious story about those ladies who are traveling to mount Inyangani in Manicaland for fun. Nyanga iyi akauya nayo Mwari ave naye because Nyanga dzemuno dzaperera pazvuru zvisiri zvavo. If you know you. Until then, catch you on the other side. ADIOS!!!

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