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GZU US$ fees challenged at High Court

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GZU US$ fees challenged at High Court


Simbarashe Mtembo

MASVINGO – An alleged requirement by the Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) for students to pay 50% of their fees exclusively in US$ has been challenged at the High Court by one of the students.
GZU is allegedly demanding 50% of all fees to be paid exclusively in US$.
Shadreck Chidyamakuni, a Politics and Public Management undergraduate student filed an urgent Chamber application at the High Court in Masvingo to bar the university from demanding a 50% fees down payment exclusively in US$.
Chidyamakuni who is represented by Martin Mureri of Matutu Mureri Legal Practitioners argued that GZU is manipulating and arm-twisting students to accept the illegality as they risk not being registered for the semester.
He is seeking an order barring GZU from demanding exclusive US$ fees payments and that they accept payment in ZWL$ at the prevailing interbank rate.
Chidyamakuni states that Section 7 (1) of the Exchange Control (Exclusive use of the Zimbabwean Dollar for Domestic Transactions) Regulations 2019 S.I 212 of 2019 as amended by section 2 of exchange control (Exclusive use of the Zimbabwean Dollar for Domestic Transactions) Regulations 2020 (No3) S.I 185 of 2020 allows for products and services charged in US$ to be paid for at the prevailing interbank rate.
He is arguing that the ‘illegality’ will prejudice him as he will not be able to attend lectures, miss end of semester examinations and subsequently defer his studies.
“It is clear that I have to pay half my fees exclusively in United States dollars unless the illegal position is reversed. If I do not, I would not be able to register for my semester and hence not able to attend classes with the consequence that I would not be able to seat for my examinations and the prejudice is irreparable.
“The position taken by GZU essentially amounts to manipulation and arm-twisting as I would then be forced to accede to the illegal demands so to continue with my education. What the first respondent is effectively saying is that I must either I must accept its illegal demand or forfeit of my studies altogether,” reads part of the application.
Fees at GZU range from US$550 to US$900.

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