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Gweru trio gets 10 years each for stealing copper cables

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Gweru trio gets 10 years each for stealing copper cables


Sydney Mubaiwa


GWERU-Regional Magistrate Christopher Maturure has sentenced three Gweru copper cable thieves to an effective 10 years in jail each for violating the Zimbabwe Electricity Act.

The three Sydney Mungofa (32), Prince Darawanda (28) and Prisca Mupini (39) were sentenced on Friday last week.
The court heard that Mupini has been on the Police’s survellance list over copper cable thefts.
Mungofa, Mupini and Darawanda stole the cables valued at US$1 000 from Woodlands suburb, Gweru.
They were sentenced after a full trial.

Two other accused persons in the case, Perfect Chiromo (22) and Christian Nkosana were acquitted at the close of the State case.
Prosecutor Talent Tadenyika told the court that Mupini instructed Darawanda and Mungofa to cut copper cables in Woodlands on January 27, 2023 and the two complied and packed the cables in sacks.

Mupini then phoned Chiromo and Nkosana to carry the loot on the following day pretending that they were carrying firewood.
An alert Police officer who was doing his morning run came across the group, inquired what they were carrying and after searching the sacks arrested them.
Several tools used to cut and remove the cables including spanners, a bolt cutter, a scale, and catapults were also recovered.

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