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Gweru proposes a static US$37 m budget

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Gweru proposes a static US$37 m budget


Sydney Mubaiwa

GWERU – The City of Gweru is proposing a US$37 million standstill budget for the 2024 financial year.
Acting Town Clerk Livingston Churu confirmed the budget in a notice to residents and other stakeholders and referenced 2024 budget estimates and tariffs.
“In terms of Section 218, 219 and 288 of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15 as amended 2008), and also in terms of Public Finance Management Act Chapter 22:19 Section 46 and 47, notice is hereby given that Council has proposed to fix the tariffs and charges in relation to 2024 budget estimates. The budget is largely a standstill budget,” he said.
Churu also said that a copy of all proposals would be open for inspection at the House and all district offices. He advised ratepayers with objections to the tariffs to lodge them in writing with the town clerk.
He added that submissions could be done through digital platforms or deposited at all council offices.
City Council Public Relations Officer Vimbayi Chingwaramusee said the notice does not mean the local authority has decided on the budget.
“We have a proposed budget and we are still doing digital consultations. After that, we will do face-to-face interactions on dates to be announced,” she said.
The local authority’s deputy finance director Owen Masimba told a 2024 pre-budget consultation recently that the council suffered huge losses throughout the year.
He said the local authority lost money to auction rate volatility resulting in its failure to meet several service delivery mandates.

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