Gweru mayor against relocation of vendors to Mtapa

Larry Mavhima.
Elizabeth Mashiri
Midlands Bureau
Gweru – Gweru City Council and the Minister of State for Midlands Larry Mavhima are still not sure on how they will proceed to develop the new proposed vendors’ market in Mtapa given that there is no budget for the work.
Vendors who were removed from Kudzanayi Market a week ago are supposed to move to Mtapa once the lockdown is over.
A recent closed door meeting chaired by Mavhima was told that there was no money for the project. To make matters worse, Gweru City Council Mayor Josiah Makombe cast doubt on the viability of moving vendors to Mutapa which is far away from the main bus market at Kuszanayi in the CBD.
“This new vendors’ market will just be a ghost place,” said Makombe in a meeting attended by The Mirror reporter.
Engineer Moses Marerwa who gave a power point presentation during the meeting said that his department is expected to relocate vendors to Mtapa soon after the lockdown and this means that the local authority has to clear the Mtapa area and erect structures as soon as possible.
“All vendors who have been removed from illegal spaces will be relocated to Mtapa. Council will have to clear, stabilise the site and allocate vending space as soon as the lockdown ends,” said Marerwa
“I understand that we are working on a limited budget but it is no use to move vendors to Mtapa and leave long distance buses at Kudzanai because we will be left with a ghost vending area.
The rank should also be moved to Mtapa after lockdown,” said Makombe.
Town Engineer Robson Manatsa however, said his department had only designed an immediate implementation program to relocated vendors and this will not include the long distance buses rank.#MasvingoMirror#

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