Gweru journalist to appear by way of summons

Mirror Reporter
Gweru – The Mirror Midlands bureau chief and Assistant Editor, Elizabeth Mashiri who was at the Gweru Magistrates Court yesterday to answer to charges of disorderly conduct will now appear in court by way of summons.
Mashiri who was in the company of her lawyer, Reginald Chidawanyika of Chetere Chidawanyika and Partners was told by the Prosecutor on duty that because of the prevailing Covid19 situation and the partial closure of courts, her case will be heard by way of summons.
Mashiri was arrested after producing her Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) Press card for allegedly taking pictures and videos of Police in running battles with vendors. The vendors accused Police officers of nagging them daily for bribes.
The vendors openly told the cops that they were tired of paying bribes and those arrested exchanged harsh words with the Police officers right into the charge office.
At the Police station, the Member in Charge Crime Assistant Inspector Chinounye wanted Mashiri to either pay fine or spent the night in a filthy cell. Mashiri was adamant that she would not pay the fine because she was at the scene of the skirmishes as a registered and accredited journalist.
She also told Constable Locadia Mutundwa who arrested her that she had a constitutional right as a journalist to cover the story of the vendors and the alleged bribe-taking cops.
She was released late in the afternoon after Chidawanyika intervened and told the Member in Charge Crime that the case was too trivial for someone to be detained overnight.

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