Gweru director arrested over 7 801m2 residential stand

Elizabeth Mashiri
Midlands Bureau
Gweru – Gweru City Council housing director Shingayi Tigere was arrested yesterday for allegedly selling a 7 801 m2 residential to the mayor of the city.
It emerged that the stand which the mayor got for only RTGS$166 735,30 belonged to the State. Tigere was remanded in prison when he appeared before Magistrate Edwin Marecha today.
The case is being investigated by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.
Wadzanai Shayanewako told the court that Tigere effected sale of a reserved stand which was a remainder of Lot 17 of Bickford of Imsungwe.
She said the stand was by law only supposed to be sold after approval of change of reservation from the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works.
The court heard that despite knowing the procedure Tigere proceeded to sell the land.

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