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Gweru City urged to enforce disability friendly infrastructure

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Gweru City urged to enforce disability friendly infrastructure



GWERU – An advocate on issues to do with People Living with Disabilities (PWDs), Nigel Tahwa has called upon Gweru City Council to enforce the construction of buildings with disability friendly infrastructure.
He said such structures were not available in most hospitals, courts, schools and other public places. It was necessary for the City to ensure pavements and buildings that can easily be accessed by people using wheel chairs, said Tahwa.
He also said that the abuse of dangerous drugs was getting out of hand for PWDs. At the same time youth with disabilities are failing to access hospital drugs for their health.
Tahwa works with organisations like Jairos Jiri, Mudavanhu, and St Daniels among others.
Gweru City Council spokesperson Vimbai Chingwaramuse said they are working to improve services for PWDs.
She said they recently opened a disability desk at council to ensure that their concerns are heard.
“As PWDs, we are calling upon Government and development partners to strengthen our access to public places so that we get equal services.

“We are also having challenges with some of our counterparts who are abusing drugs and substances. We are calling upon development partners to step up campaigns against gender based violence as well as drugs and substances abuse,” he said.

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