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Gweru City plants 33ha winter wheat

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Gweru City plants 33ha winter wheat



GWERU – City of Gweru has planted 23 hectares of winter wheat at its Go Beer Farm as a means of widening its revenue stream.
Gweru Mayor, Martin Chivhoko told residents in his monthly report that the City aims at planting 33 hectares before the cutoff date.
“We have plans to put 33 hectares under winter wheat production this year. We hope that this winter wheat initiative will assist us to improve our revenue base.
“Despite the challenges posed by the transition from the RTGS currency to the Zimbabwe Gold currency (ZiG), the Finance Department remains steadfast in its commitment to fiscal prudence and accountability,” he said.
The local authority owns the Go-Beer farms and a quarry mining claim as part of its assets that it seeks to resuscitate to augment its income generation streams.
The Go-Beer farms have been lying idle in the past few years. They used to supply raw materials to the local authority’s Go-Beer Breweries before ceasing operations in 2014 due to debt accumulation and viability hurdles.
Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRRA) director, Cornelius Selipiwe said as residents they are pleased to see the local authority exploring revenue streams.
“This is a welcome development and we support the local authority for such an initiative which is aimed at strengthening its revenue streams. We pray this project will be successful,” he said.
Recently, the local authority announced that it has found an investor to partner with in the Go-Beer Breweries.

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