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Gweru City converts bar into a health care facility

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Gweru City converts bar into a health care facility



GWERU – The City of Gweru has used a part of it’s devolution chunk to convert a popular Council bar Irvine Beer Hall into a clinic.
Addressing a press conference, acting town clerk Vakai Chikwekwe said the move by the local authority was aimed to improve service delivery by ensuring that residents find health care facilities at their door steps.

“We have embarked on a project where we have converted one of our biggest beer outlet in Irvine into a health care facility.
“Work has already began on the site and we have so far purchased materials required for the job”, he said.
He said refurbishment would be done using Council manpower.

“The council’s engineering department had already embarked on the refurbishment of the facility which is going to cater for Gweru residents as part of our efforts to improve service delivery, “he said.
Chikwekwe said about $1 million has so far been channeled towards the project with more funds expected to be injected into the project in the next batch of the devolution funds.

The clinic has come in handy for residents from Southdowns, Southview, Lundi, Bata and Irvine who were walking long distances to the nearest medical facility which is Birchenough Hospital.

The local authority is also refurbishing the long-forgotten Ascot stadium after the parliamentary portfolio committee of Sport, Arts and Recreation headed by Vungu Constituency legislator Omega Sibanda blasted the local authority for running down sports facilities during a whirl wind tour of all Sports and recreation facilities in Gweru last year.

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