Gwaradzimba faces chop at SMM


MASVINGO – Shabani Mashaba Mines (SMM) workers have made an application to the Minister of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs for the removal of Afaras Mtausi Gwaradzimba who has served for 17 years as the administrator of SMM.

Workers are owed US$19m in unpaid salaries. The workers through their union, Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union argue that the exercise of reconstruction of SMM for which Gwaradzimba was appointed is a disaster with no positive results at all.

They suggested that Gwaradzimba who is a chartered accountant and has been running the company and making the important decisions be replaced by Taurai Changwa. The application to the Minister in which Gwaradzimba is the first respondent and SMM Holdings is the second was delivered to Government on April 13, 2021.

The Union argued that the financial position of the company is far worse than it was at the time Gwaradzimba took office and the plight of workers is a total disaster having had no salaries for almost two decades now. “The 2nd respondent, under the administration of the 1st respondent has failed, neglected or refused to settle excess of US$19 260 667,99.

“The 2nd respondent has been under reconstruction under the administration of the 1st respondent for the past 17 years. It is
needless to state that the exercise of reconstruction has yielded no fruit whatsoever over the last two decades.

The 1st respondent has with respect, dismally and utterly failed to resuscitate or revive the second respondent as a going concern. The 2nd respondent is not benefitting anything from the 1st respondent as a going concern.

“This is apparent from the fact that there is no commercial production going on at the 2nd respondent,” argued the workers.

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