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Gwanda Municipality receives street lights donations

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Gwanda Municipality receives street lights donations



GWANDA- In an effort to improve night time visibility in the mining town, the Municipality of Gwanda last week received solar-powered lamps from the ruling party affiliate Gwanda Miners for Economic Development (Gwanda Miners 4ED).
Priscillar Masuku, an association Provincial Secretary General, stated that they purchased the street lights out of worry for the rise in nighttime crimes.
“The donation is intended to transform the community into a smart city, the town’s darkness was concerning since it encouraged crime, the town was formerly somewhat gloomy, but as an association, we are a part of it. We felt it appropriate to help to better our town,” said Masuku.
The association will continue donating and helping the town, we promise to try our best and share the little that we have with the local authority,’ she added.
Speaking at the donation, Gwanda Mayor Councillor Thulani Moyo expressed gratitude to the kind and charitable gesture by the association.
“We are grateful for the donations we have received and they are going to go a long way in improving our city status and alleviate crime in the town, this has opened doors for many donations from well-wishers to come through so that we can make this city safe for everyone,” said Moyo.

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