Gwanda municipality operating without ambulance, fire tender


GWANDA – The Municipality of Gwanda (MOG) is operating without an ambulance or fire tender and recently fire fighters had to put out a veld fire which burnt down a garage using buckets.

Gwanda Mayor Njabulo Siziba conceded to Two Nations that the town’s emergency services were down.

“We had budgeted to buy an ambulance this year but we got our priorities wrong and we have to make sure we source one as soon as possible, the ambulance we had broke down,” said Siziba.

Gwanda United Residents Association (GURA) Chairperson Methuseli Moyo said the local authority is putting residents lives at risk.

“The municipality does not have an ambulance and recently l saw firefighters battling an inferno using buckets and it’s a shame. We have engaged the Town Clerk to map a way forward. When an accident happens in Gwanda be rest assured that no one survives,” said Moyo.

Last week two vehicles collided at Sezhube Business Centre on the 40km peg along the Gwanda-Bulawayo Highway killing five people among them a Gwanda Municipality employee. Some people were trapped in the wreckage and the city failed to dispatch an ambulance or fire fighters.

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