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Gwanda Mayor sets penalties on property vandals

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Gwanda Mayor sets penalties on property vandals



GWANDA-The Mayor of Gwanda councillor Thulani Moyo has set the penalties for people who destroys public property.
In an interview with Two Nations Moyo said people will be charged when they destroy property.
“In trying to preserve the beauty and integrity of the town as the Municipality we would like to warn people who vandalize public property that if caught, penalties or fines will be enforced depending on the type of property you would have damaged, so that we repair the damaged property,” said Moyo.
He said that people should also be considerate.
“I urge everyone to consider the impact of their actions on future generations, think about the children, the grandchildren who will inherit this town, do we want to leave them a legacy of destruction and neglect, let us all help each other to protect our property, for example, Pelandaba stadium,” he implored.
He added that soccer supporters should have a sense of responsibility and stewardship and see public property at the stadium as something not to be defaced but as precious resources to be cherished and protected.
This came after a resident noticed that property at Pelandaba stadium is not being taken care of as people are destroying. it

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