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Gwanda mayor raises US$10 000 for renovation of council offices

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Gwanda mayor raises US$10 000 for renovation of council offices



GWANDA – Gwanda mayor, Thulani Moyo has raised US$10 000 from stakeholders and used it to give council offices a new look by renovating, tiling and buying new curtains.
The furniture in most public offices including town council are from the colonial time.
This was confirmed by the mayor in an exclusive interview with Two Nations.
The mayor told Two Nations that the offices have not been renovated since independence.
He said he did this to set an example for other landlords in the town so that when he ask them to give their buildings a fresh look, he would be leading by example.
He said the mining town desperately needs a new look as buildings are old.
“As the new mayor I saw it necessary to work with stakeholders on the mayor’s project of modernizing the mining town and its offices. I did not use any money from council but I used donations I got from the business community. I tiled and painted the interior of the offices, removing the Smith regime-built property.
“It’s also important for staff to work in a conducive environment hence the renovations. We have installed three air-conditioners in the boardroom and this very necessary in Gwanda where temperatures can soar to unbearable levels,” he added.
All Municipality offices were painted, tiled and the curtains were replaced with new ones, Two Nations learnt.
The mayor went on to urge other offices including the Government to take care of their working places.
“I want to urge people in public offices to renovate and remove the old furniture so that we maintain our city,” he added.
Residents hailed the programme.
“We appreciate this project by the mayor. Gwanda needs modernization. It is almost like a rural area,” said Zanele Ncube.
She however said the new look council offices are modern.
“It is exciting that street lights are being renovated, water crisis is now not an issue in the town, we are happy and urges everyone to make sure we work together to maintain these developments,” said Dube.

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