Gvt should heed experts’ advice as Covid-19 cases escalate

As the number of Covid-19 infections inch closer to 1000 with 500 new cases being recorded in less than a week, the calls by medical experts for tightening of lockdown measures are also becoming louder and louder every day.

Unfortunately President Mnangagwa’s administration which claimed to be a listening Government is proving otherwise. The Government is not taking the calls for tightening of lockdown measures seriously as seen by the relaxation of social distancing on public transport. Discredited ZUPCO is now allowed to carry 75 passengers per trip throwing away all caution to the wind. Restaurants are now allowed to have sit in customers.

While the measures are to enable the ailing economy to breathe, they are against the World Health Organisation’s lockdown guidelines especially for countries which are experiencing a surge in new cases.

Doctors have warned against relaxation of lockdown measures and the proof is already there because locals who have no travelling history are now topping the new cases being recorded.

The most worrying part of it is that the country has no capacity to test all the citizens worse still the hospitals are incapacitated to handle Coronavirus patients, nurses are on strike and there are no personal protective equipment for the health personnel.

It is against this background that we urge the Government to consult and come up with measures that don’t hurt the economy but do not compromise the citizens. https://masvingomirror.com

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