Guyo plots to challenge Mutomba

BUHERA – Philip Guyo, a prominent politician is planning to challenge one of Buhera’s longest serving Zanu PF MPs, William Mutomba by standing in the constituency in 2023.
Guyo who has been doing a lot of humanitarian work in Buhera North confirmed to The Mirror that he was making considerations to fight for that constituency.
Guyo who said Buhera was his rural home and has a duty to serve it, however, said he would make his decision at an appropriate time.
He also said that Buhera was not well represented by Mutomba and people were calling on him to come and be their MP.
Guyo who was the Zanu PF candidate for St Mary’s Constituency in 2018 and lost to MDC – Alliance’s Unganai Tarusenga now wants to switch to Buhera. Urban seats have been no go areas for Zanu PF since the formation of the MDC at the turn of the century.
Guyo is currently assisting vulnerable youths, disabled persons and schools with projects.
When contacted for comment, Mutomba who has been MP in the area since 2005 said he can’t comment on the interests of his competitor and urged The Mirror confirm with the electorate.
“I can’t comment on what my competitor is saying. Confirm with the electorate, they will tell you their MP” Mutomba told The Mirror.
“I will make a decision any time. It’s not a crime to contest in Buhera North, it’s my rural home and I have a duty to it” said Guyo in a telephone interview.
Some party members accused Mutomba of his antics to use Police to harass and arrest his opponents in the party. In 2020 Mutomba allegedly called Police at Dorowa to disrupt an agricultural show that Guyo had sponsored.
“Guyo is always here holding meetings with people,” said Jose Zhizha of ward 9 under Chief Chitsunge.

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