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Gutu woman elopes with wedding gifts


Gutu woman elopes with wedding gifts


Hello guys! I hope everyone is going to enjoy the Easter holidays. I was so engulfed in the political stories before, during, and after the by-elections that I got swayed from our usual business. Anyways, we are back to the usual tattletale always like the fifth columnist.

Well, this week I am going to travel to this other growth point which was given town status a few years ago. The town has a legendary Cupid story of Solo naMutsai. I heard there is a Greek mythology which says that nobody could escape the powers of the great Eros (Roman equivalent of Cupid), the god of love, lust and sex. Eros could influence mortals and gods alike, making them fall in love and become crazed with passion. They say it is from Eros that we get the word erotic.

So I am sure it is the powers of the great Eros that has gripped the town a few weeks ago. By the way on a not so related but related story; people have been dissing my sis. Hanzi hure rakachata isu vanhu kwavo tiripo. Ko bvirwa mai Titi zvee. Hey, ladies musarwadziwa kani. Taivako kumuchato wamukoma Tobias kwavaitsvodana nekudanana pamuchato wavo.

What I know is that marriage has no formula. You might lie to yourself that you are holier than thou, but men will jump to those you regard as bitches. In any case who are you to judge? I have heard that women in churches with unfounded self-righteousness are the worst bitches to deal with anyway.

HOTH has a lot of information about people but at times he exercises restraint. I know everybody gets so much information about a lot of people but they lose their common sense of what to spew out to the public and what to filter.

The story HOTH is about to tell you is true. The truth that HOTH always say can only be summed up in the quote of Noble Prize winner Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, usually referred to as Leo Tolstoy who is a Russian writer who was regarded as one of the greatest authors of all time; to prove how truthful my story is.

Tolstoy once said, “The hero of my tale, whom I love with all the power of my soul, whom I have tried to portray in all his beauty, who has been, is and will be beautiful, is Truth”

I am told there is this woman who used to stay at Mupandawana who is now staying kuGona uku. HOTH is reliably informed that the woman goes to those churches where hope is sold through expensive tithes.

So this bitchy woman took advantage of a this well-endowed family that has a 32 year old young man who is epileptic whom they felt needs a wife, and started searching for a best woman who could volunteer to take care of him as a wife.

Obviously, the womanattend those churches dzemasofa idzi where there is a ministry that forward faith. Can you Believe that one of masisters gladly fell on the ground and cried profusely before telling the congregation that she has been waiting for such a moment to prove to God that she is really his daughter. Asi iwe Enjoy ka! Itya Mwari.

The congregants were stunned and pledged to support the couple with everything they need in their lives. The parents immediately arranged to pay lobola and arranged a wedding. It was one of the biggest wedding ceremonies to be held in Mpandawana. They newly-weds quickly moved in and started living as husband and wife. In every sermon the pastor would preach on how blessing would come hidden from human beings.

Every mid-week church gathering and on Sundays gifts for the newly-weds were trickling in. Little did they know that Enjoy had other plans. In fact, she was seeing another man who had promised to marry her. She would sneak at every opportune moment she got to see her boyfriend.

The two hatched a plan for her to run away from her hubby so that they can marry. After a month she told her in-laws that she was pregnant and was taken to her parents. She would regularly visit to collect some of the gifts they received at their wedding until she took everything.

After a few days she gave birth to a bouncing baby. Asi haana kudzokera kumba kwemukomana. Pasina mazuva mwana azvarwa mukadzi akabva atonoroorwa kumwe kusiri kwaakachata asi muchato uchiripo hausati wagurwa. Paakanoroorwa akaenda with all the wedding gifts ose. Asi kana mozogara vakadzi musada kupona neukopokopo imi.

Well, for today I will leave it here. I will give a sizzling hot one next week. CIAO

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