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Gutu woman appeals for a wheelchair for girl (6)


Gutu woman appeals for a wheelchair for girl (6)


Ancilla Gotore


GUTU- A Gutu woman is appealing for a wheelchair and other assistance for her six-year-old grandchild who cannot walk, sit or talk.

The girl suffered severe fits from birth.

Constancia Mhike (46) of Hwambiwa Village under Chief Chitsa in Gutu says her grandchild, Tariro Mazen’e is now six and she is struggling to raise her and she needs a wheelchair, diapers and special foods required for a child in such a state.

Mhike said that her family stays in the rural areas and none is employed. The parents of the girl are also unemployed and they left the child in the hands of the grandmother. They are therefore struggling to look after Tariro in terms of resources. 

“I love my grandchild, she is a gift from God and I will not rest until I give her a fairly comfortable life. I have no peace of mind until she leads a normal life and I am therefore appealing to generous Zimbabweans to assist.

“Tariro’s parents are unemployed and they left the child in my custody,” said Mhike.

Well-wishers can send donations through EcoCash or contact Mhike on 0784365893.

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