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Gutu violence: Zanu PF activist comes to court drunk

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Gutu violence: Zanu PF activist comes to court drunk


Ancilla Gotore


GUTU – There was drama at Gutu Magistrate Court yesterday when Zanu PF activist, Deadly Poronario (30) who is accusing two CCC members of assaulting him came to court with bloodshot eyes and drunk.

Poronario of 290 Hwiru, Mpandawana who frequently contradicted himself and got confused in his statements in court also failed to find an independent witness to support his case. His only witness, Joseph Mudziwepasi was dismissed as non-independent as he is also a Zanu PF member and Gutu Ward 23 vice chairman.

Poronario who is in the Zanu P youth security structures repeatedly shouted at Martin Mureri of Matutu and Mureri Legal Practitioners who represented the accused Tinotenda Makumbe (20) and Nhamo Makumbe (45). The accused are pleading not guilty.

At one time he told Mureri to keep out of the issue and allow him (the complainant) and the accused to argue the case.

Mureri then told Poronario that he was drunk, and the complainant shot back and confirmed that he indeed was drunk. Poronario however, made an about turn when Mureri pressed further and asked why he came to court drunk.

He then said he was only drunk inside but outside he was not drunk and was in a sound state of mind

“You are drunk!” asserted Mureri.

“Yes I am drunk,” responded Poronario.

“But how can you come to court drunk?” asked Mureri.

“Ndakadhakwa mukati kwete kunze; zvandiri kutaura ndiri kuzviziva (I am only drunk inside and not outside. I know everything that I am saying)”, replied Poronario.

Poronario also found himself sweating under cross examination when Mureri asked why it took him almost a month to report the case to Police. He contradicted himself when also asked why it took him almost a month to seek treatment for the claimed injuries.

“On the day I was assaulted (November 11) I ran into the Police base at Mpandawana with all my clothes red with blood and reported the case there,” responded Poronario.

“But here I have an affidavit which you have not only signed but just confirmed as a correct record and it says you only reported this matter last week on December 6?” retorted Mureri.

Poronario then said he had the actual report at home.

Poronario who claims to have been assaulted on November 11, only reported his case on December 6 and went to seek treatment on December 7, 2022. Poronario told the court that he is in the security structures of Zanu PF.

He reported the case on the day that a team of eight Police detectives arrived from Masvingo to investigate an orgy of violence allegedly unleashed by Zanu PF activists at Mpandawana Growth Point. Poronario and Mudziwepasi in particular have been fingered as ring leaders in the violence.

Last year, Nyasha Zhambe of Chief Mawere’s area, a CCC member was severely assaulted at an illegal roadblock erected by Zanu PF supporters outside Mpandawana Growth Point and he died three weeks later from the injuries sustained. Mudziwapasi denied assaulting Zhambe although social media is abuzz with accusations against him.

Magistrate, Mandlenkosi Ndlovu remanded the case to December 28, 2022 for continuation of trial. Kudakwashe Muza represented the State.

The State alleges that on November 11, 2022 at 6pm, the accused assaulted Poronario at Michigan Bar at Mpandawana. 

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