Gutu Police over detains suspect, forges dates in court papers

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GUTU – Police at Chinyika Business Center in Gutu are alleged to have forged dates on a docket after they detained an attempted murder suspect beyond the maximum 48 hours allowed by the law.

The matter emerged after Knowledge Mabvure suddenly emerged at Gutu Magistrates Court on Saturday to represent Pfumo Mangwiro (45) who is accused of bludgeoning a man whom he believed to be courting his wife at Mudonhi Village under Chief Chitsa in Gutu.

Mabvure applied for the immediate release of Mangwiro after arguing that the suspect was arrested on Wednesday morning last week and only brought to court 72 hours on Saturday.

The arresting cop Evans Mahande however stood up and said that the suspect was arrested on Thursday morning. There were no witnesses in court although Mabvure insisted that the correct record was Wednesday and there was no reason for his client to imagine a date as he was not aware of the provision of the law that protected him until his case was heard at court.

Magistrate Mandhlenkosi Ndlovu however, said there were no documents to prove what Mabvure said and he therefore remanded the accused in custody pending bail application at the High Court.

Mabvure said his client is considering suing the Police for over-detention.

The Mirror understands that Mangwiro is making a bail application at the High Court in Masvingo on Wednesday.

It is alleged that Mangwiro (45) assaulted the complaint several times using an axe handle on the knees, hands, shoulders, legs and on the head after he found the complaint with his wife in kitchen.

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