Gutu magistrate returns impounded beer to shabeen king


GUTU – Business people in the Chitsa area of Gutu have expressed disappointment at Gutu Magistrate Victor Mohamadi who last week ordered the return of crates of beer impounded by Police from a man who operates a shebeen at Chikandamina and another illegal beer outlet at Chinyika business centres.
Police from Bhasera in Gutu raided and impounded beer from several business centres around Chief Chitsa’s area following complaints of unlicensed bars in the area.
Sources told The Mirror that one businessman who is notorious for operating liquor outlets without licences probably got a tip-off when the raid was done at his Chikandamina Shabeen and the Police found it shut.
However, Police recovered several crates of beer when they raided a bar that he is renting at Chinyika Business Center and impounded it. Gee Manenji Jinga went and made an appeal before Magistrate Mohamadi and an order was given that Police return all the beer after he  paid a fine.
Senior Police officers who talked to The Mirror confirmed that magistrate Mohamadi  had ordered the release of the beer back to Jinga. They said that the ruling had surprised them and they were making frantic efforts to get the magistrate to reverse his decision.
They expressed the fear that Jinga was going to continue selling the beer once it’s returned to him.

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