Gutu, Buhera farmers building bridge across Nyazvidzi River


BUHERA – About 100 farmers have come together and raised resources to build a 100m long bridge across Nyazvidzi, one of the biggest rivers in both Gutu and Buhera districts.

The farmers are from Nyazvidzi Small Scale Farms and Chikuvire area under Chief Nerutanga in Buhera. They expect to commission the bridge by September this year.

Nyazvidzi River stretches more than 200Km before it enters Save River in Birchenough but it has just one bridge which is along Gutu-Buhera Road.

The absence of the bridge has seen villagers and farmers travelling more than 60km for distances that are only 15km apart if there was a straight road. The bridge will be along a dust road that branches from Chivhu – Murambinda Highway at the 65km peg near Nerutanga Business Centre.

The chairperson of the project committee, Toindepi Charara said that the bridge will connect Gutu and Buhera districts, creating easy access to the market places as farmers face challenges to transport their grains to Grain Marketing Board (GMB) Buhera depot which is 10km from Nyazvidzi.

“The bridge will connect the two districts and our farmers will be able to travel shorter distances to the nearest GMB depot in Buhera. Many have been going to Gutu GMB which is far,” said Charara.

Committee spokesperson, Farisi Makumbe said participants have contributed 100x50kg bags of cement, quarry stones and sand for the project.

He appealed for donations from well-wishers in the form of cash; 5m cement pipes and ring force.

“Committee members have contributed 100 bags of cement for the project. They are busy working on the site and the project is expected to be complete by end of September before the rainy season, “We appeal to well wishers for donations of building materials that are necessary in the construction of a bridge,” said Makumbe.

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