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Gutu boy (10) needs heart surgery

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Gutu boy (10) needs heart surgery


Ellen Mlambo


GUTU – A 10-year-old boy from Manjovha Village in Nyamandi is appealing for assistance for an operation to correct his rheumatic heart condition in India.
Douglas Runesu who is doing Grade 5 suffers serious breathing problems after walking a few metres. His body gets swollen and he has a persistent cough. His heart beats unusually fast, said his father Peter Runesu in an interview with The Mirror Helpline.
The boy is not leaving a normal life as the ailment affects how he interacts with other children. His performance in school is also affected.
He was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease in 2021 and the cost of correcting it in India is US$10 900. However, doctors said he can be on medication for the next 20 years in order to bring some relief to the condition. The second option however means that the boy will not enjoy normal life.
Douglas has currently been placed on medication as the parents cannot afford the operation in India.
However, that option is still a burden to the parents who are peasants and have to fork out US$25 every month for pills and injections.
“I yearn to see my child playing normally with other children and leading a normal life where he doesn’t have to take tablets and injections regularly. It pains me to see him forgo activities including playing with other children,” said Runesu.

Well wishers can contact Douglas’ father on 0785 554 955 or The Mirror helpline on 0716895703 /0775 691 380.

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