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Gumunyu teachers nail head over salary deductions


Gumunyu teachers nail head over salary deductions



BIKITA – Fourteen teachers at Gumunyu Primary School, Nyika Growth Point in Bikita have complained to the Ministry over unfair deductions of their salaries following a report by their head Chinorwiwa Chikosha that they went on strike in February this year.
The deductions were made on the May salaries and some teachers actually went home with zero ZWL$.
The 14 teachers sent a petition to Bikita District Schools’ Inspector James Mahofa on May 20, 2022 seeking clarity on the deductions because they were all attending school. The teachers said the head clearly has a beef against them.

The teachers are also angry that Chikosha refused to stamp the petition that went to the Ministry.
Mahofa confirmed receipt of the petition and told The Mirror that his office is carrying out investigations to establish what exactly happened.
Chikosha allegedly locked away the clock book in his office during the time of the strike and advised teachers to leave the school. About 10 teachers joined the strike but the 14 continued to go to work, according to sources.
The petition also says Chikosha was not at the school from February 8 to February 18 during the time of the strike. It therefore came as a shock when the salaries of the 14 were garnished while those who were actually on strike went scot-free.

The 14 affected teachers wrote a petition to The Ministry of Education dated May 20, 2022 which Chikosha refused to sign.
The petition was written to seek clarity on May Salary deductions, based on the accusation of being absent from duty within the first two weeks of February 2022.
When contacted for comment, Chikosha said he showed no favour in submitting the names for garnishing. He said the names that he sent to the Ministry were for the teachers who did not clock in.
“The criteria I used to compile the list was the clock book for the two weeks of February 7 to 18. There is no favoritism, in our Ministry if you fail to clock then you are regarded absent,” said Chikosha.https://masvingomirror.com

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