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Gumbo rolls out women empowerment programmes

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Gumbo rolls out women empowerment programmes


ZANU PF Harare East Constituency aspiring legislator Cde Mavis Gumbo has urged party members to fully embrace national strategies aimed at facilitating economic revival being championed by President Mnangagwa in order to attain vision 2030.

President Mnangagwa has implemented a variety of programmes with the thrust to upgrade livelihoods in the country.

Cde Gumbo said women should actively participate in Government’s empowerment programmes for the betterment of their lives as well as to fight poverty. Women were also supposed to be innovative and spearhead programmes that empowered them and their communities.

She also urged women not to be over dependent on their husbands as it would create a lot of violence in homes.

The National Development Strategy1 (NDS1) blueprint is expected to facilitate increased empowerment of women and enhance gender equality in the country.

Cde Gumbo was speaking in an interview in Tafara where she imparted baking skills to several women in Harare East Constituency.

“Women should be seen as proactive in all sectors of the economy as their reluctance will leave them lagging behind in development.

“Gender-based violence is also bad and we do not want it.

“Violence happens a lot to us women because we are too dependent on men. When you venture into business you become financially strong and independent.

“As women let’s support each other in empowerment programmes. The Government is now walking the talk in empowering women, which is one of the major concerns of the Second Republic as enunciated in the National Development Strategy 1 and the revised Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Policy.

“Life skills are very important in our homes. They reduce poverty and you become financially independent,” she said.

Women in the constituency thanked Cde Gumbo for introducing empowerment programmes that would go a long way in helping them earn a better living.

Mrs Mary Guvheya said baking skills would enable her to save money for her family since she could bake a variety of products for herself.

“Now l can save money; l do not buy bread because l can bake it own my own, the same applies for other products. I also sell buns and bread at my house. I earn a lot of money through baking so l supplement my husband’s income,” she said.

Mrs Paidamoyo Munetsi said Cde Gumbo’s programmes were fruitful as they were changing their lives in a positive way.

“We are proud of Cde Gumbo who sacrifices her time and is committed to work to uplift women in Harare East constituency.

“My husband is unemployed but l can buy uniforms and pay school fees for my three children through baking. I make a lot of money through this programme,” she said.

Another beneficiary, Mrs Nothanda Sibanda, hailed the programme saying it provided a source of income for the family and alleviated poverty.

“My husband supports me very well on this programme because he knows that we are earning a lot of money.

“We bake a variety of products such as cakes, buns, bread and doughnuts. I bake every day for my family so we usually eat fresh food,” she said. Recently Cde Gumbo also offered entrepreneurial skills in producing a wide variety of products like detergents, perfumes and lotions to women in her constituency.Herald.

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