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Gumbakumba Club invades councils

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Gumbakumba Club invades councils


Just as we thought we have seen it all, The Gumbakumba Club yabva yapinda neimwe nyuwani wena. I have read and heard those long boring diatribes on the opposition. Hanzi hee vatadza kugadzira zvinhu muma councils hee-ee what what. Chete ini I don’t usually listen to such nonsense because zvinondikwidza forogonya yangu.
Anyway, I will come back to that later. For now and between the times I would like to ask kuti ko kule varikufamba zvidhori zveChess rinhi? Kkkk gore rino tinoona chitota chakapfeka bhurugwa. Kuona nyoka ine mauta chaiyo. Obvious, there is a pony which is going to be sacrificed apa.
Kuchava nekugedageda kwemeno. I don’t know how the other faction is going to handle that, but I am sure a lot of beneficiaries especially those who benefitted from the underhand dealings are going to be the most affected.
Hanzi nevamwe chaoora chinhu ichi. Whatever that means is a story for another day but if what is about to happen comes to pass, then it will be a lesson to everyone that a good dancer knows when to leave the dance floor no matter how good is the music. Mati pane pamanga muchapamba nyika yese vanhu vakatarisa here? Kumagumo kune nyaya uko.
A lot has or is being said and propaganda yacho ma1. By the way did you hear the club members celebrating their removal from masangisheni and didn’t care about the leaders. What a shame? It took the opposition and other enlightened members of the society to tell the team from the Shake-shake building that there is nothing to celebrate about because masangisheni akatoitwa tightened.
So much has been said and done in the past week that we can have a series with more than twenty episodes. Did someone tell HOTH that those guys were digging trenches for the fibre what what hameno ikoko. Asi nyika ino munhu akainokora tsoka mwari ave naye. Vamwe varikuti kwava nemacell phone imi muchiri kuvaka macall box nemamwe mapost office. I don’t understand why we are always living in the primitive medieval time in this teapot country.
Some crazy things are happening here. I wish one day everything will be reversed by nature and we go back to default setting because HOTH can’t take this anymore. How dare you ancestors, you want to turn back the hands of time. Lord have mercy. I wish I was born in the eighteenth century I wouldn’t see the difference like what I am seeing right now.
Back to our main issue, did someone tell me that the council CEOs are now reporting to the Gumbakumba Club? I don’t understand this guys. How can a pea-brained illiterate guy tell a CEO what to do? HOTH is so saddened by the current setting in councils. So, you are telling me after the council meetings the CEO has to go to those filthy offices to explain what his council is planning to do? Too bad hey!
The last time I checked the Club was blaming everyone but themselves. Asi pane chamamboti maona chabuda here kumakanzuru awa. HOTH cannot make out the sense out of the whole nonsense.

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