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Great Dyke A-B Academy appoints new head

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Great Dyke A-B Academy appoints new head


Sydney Mubaiwa


MBERENGWA – The Board of Directors of Great Dyke A-B Academy Primary, a private school at the turnoff of Mberengwa -Nickleson Road has announced the appointment of Fredy Zingwe as the new head with immediate effect.

The 66-year-old educationist retired from Civil Service last December after heading Chongogwe High School in Chivi.

Barnabas Marambire, one of the school’s board members told The Mirror that Zingwe was appointed after a rigorous process to secure a suitable head. There were many candidates vying for the post.

“Incidentally Zingwe is my former school head and teacher and I am happy that he landed the post. He has vast experience and is a disciplinarian. He is a sports person and we want the school to also become strong in sports,” he said.

Zingwe took over the reins at the school from Shillen Marazanye who was appointed in an acting capacity since the opening of the school in 2021. Marazanye in now his deputy.

Anderson Tsikira another board member said he was happy that Zingwe completely identifies with the school’s mission.

He said Zingwe would be ably supported by the School Development Committee (SDC), Board of Directors, parents and staff members.

Born on December 5, 1957 in Mupamaonde village in Bikita, Zingwe enrolled at Mupamaonde Primary School in 1967 to 1973 before proceeding to Silveira Mission for his secondary education in 1974.

He enrolled at Fletcher High School in Gweru for his Advanced Level studies in 1978 before the school was closed at the height of the liberation struggle.

He trained at Gweru Teacher’s College in 1981 and after graduating in 1983, he was deployed to Madamombe Secondary School on January 1,1984.

Zingwe taught at Madamombe for eight years up to February 1992 where he was promoted to head Chongogwe High School from 1992 to December 2022 when he retired.

The school which opened its doors in 2021 has 111 students, and is billed to open its doors for boarding school learners once hostels are constructed.

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