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Govt targets 0% pass rate schools

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Govt targets 0% pass rate schools


MINISTRY of Primary and Secondary Education chief director Olicah Kaira yesterday said her ministry was devising strategies to eradicate the 0% pass rate phenomenon affecting some ill-equipped rural schools.

Kaira appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Education chaired by Torerai Moyo to speak on progress in construction of schools where she also disclosed that the ministry would prioritise refurbishment of teacher accommodation at schools registering zero pass rate.

To help address the poor pass rates, the ministry was interrogating issues to do with the availability of qualified teachers and training of teachers on early literacy and numeracy.

“There is need to prioritise deployment of qualified infant teachers to those schools with 0% pass rates and to prioritise provision of standard classroom blocks, and to improve or refurbish teacher accommodation facilities at the zero pass rate schools,” Kaira said.

“The zero pass rate schools will be prioritised in the selection criteria to receive grant and tuition aid support. There is also need for guidance and counselling of teachers to provide enhanced career guidance to Form Two pupils to inform a realistic number of subject choices at ‘O’ level,” she said.

On teachers’ conditions of service, Kaira said this was high priority in order to improve learner performance.

“Reading levels must be improved among infant learners in indigenous languages and the medium of instruction, English,” she said adding that teacher deployment at secondary schools would be realigned in accordance to one’s area of choice. Newsday.

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