Gov workers, teachers to fund Buhera heroes’ events


BUHERA – Teachers and other civils servants in Buhera will fork out money from their meager earnings to fund district heroes’ celebrations on August 11 this year, according to a letter in the hands of The Mirror.

The funding follows a resolution made at a heads of Government departments meeting held on Tuesday last week. 

According to the letter, heads of Government Departments will pay US$5, middle supervisors or managers such as headmasters, senior teachers will pay US$3 while teachers and other workers will fork out US$1.

Civil servants are paid in local currency and have since declared incapacitation because their salaries are barely adequate to just keep them at work for a month.

Buhera District Schools’ Inspector Mutomba confirmed the arrangement to The Mirror and expected the all payments by the end of last month.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) secretary general Robson Chere said his members are incapacitated and his organisation had instructed them not pay.

“Our members are incapacitated and we instructed them not to pay. Salaries that teachers are being paid are not even enough for basic needs.

“Government must find alternative ways of fundraising for such national events. Asking money from workers who themselves are not able to meet their basic needs is abusing civil servants,” said Chere.

“On behalf of the District Schools Inspector (DSI), I hereby make the following announcement and encourage all our members to participate, as resolved at a heads of government departments meeting held Tuesday in preparation for the annual heroes’ district commemoration” read part of the letter to government workers.

“The letter is authentic. It was written after a resolution made by heads of Government departments. As is the norm, civil servants must contribute to the celebrations without fail,” said Mutomba.

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