Gov worker breaks down over $14 000 maintenance


MWENEZI – An Agritex extension worker in Mwenezi broke into tears on Thursday last week when Magistrate Honesty Musiiwa granted his wife Sphelile Maroyi $14 000 maintenance per month.

Maroyi demanded RTGS$30 000 from Rindai Tsvairai but the latter argued against the claim which he said was higher than his salary of RTGS$19 000.

Maroyi complained that Tsvairai deserted the Government house, his wife and three children to stay with another woman and he was no longer looking after the family or giving conjugal rights to her.

Although didn’t know her husband’s salary because she was never shown the payslip, she said that Tsvairai had a lot of cattle and he ran a number of retail shops.

“He works at his shops with our daughter and never involves me. He refuses to give me money and I only get it if I ask for it through our daughter,’’ says Maroyi.

In defense Tsvairai said the cattle were not his but for a community project and he added that he used to rent a number of shops but they had all since been closed.

He said he left the matrimonial home because the couple always had arguments and his wife would beat him up. He said he lived in fear of his wife.

Tsvairai broke down when Musiiwa ordered him to pay RTGS14 000 maintenance. He said it was going to be hard for him to look after himself after the bulk of his salary had gone to his wife.

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