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Gov translocate 84 buffaloes in Chiredzi

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Gov translocate 84 buffaloes in Chiredzi



CHIREDZI – The Veterinary Department has translocated 84 buffaloes from Eaglemont Range to Nuanetsi Wildlife Conservancy to curb the spread of diseases.
The translocation happened on Sunday.
Masvingo Province Veterinary Director, Dr Kramer Manyetu said Eaglemont doesn’t have a biosecurity fence and buffalos were straying into neighbouring farms posing a threat to spread foot and mouth. He added that they were also destroying crops.
“This move was triggered by the fact that there is no biosecurity fencing at the range and as such the buffalos were encroaching into communities and causing human and wildlife conflict,” said Dr Manyetu.
He added that human wildlife conflict was prevalent in the area.
Veterinary Services Director, Pius Makaya said buffaloes are a dangerous species which can spread Foot and Mouth diseases and translocating them is a means of containing the disease.
“We are taking them to a safe place, these buffaloes are dangerous especially in terms of spreading diseases such as Foot and Mouth,” said Malaya.
He added that similar translocations will be done in other conservancies which do not have biosecurity parameters.
Local farmer Norman Gwatiringa applauded Government for the move. He said the buffaloes were straying into his farm and he kept losing his crops.
“I am grateful to Government for the move, every season I have been losing my crops as they were destroyed by stray buffalos and my cattle were also at risk of getting Foot and Mouth disease,” said Gwatiringa.

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