Gov introduces US$200 fine for curfew breakers

Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – Government has increased fine for people found violating the 6am to 6pm Covid19 curfew by 1 900 % from RTGS$1 000 to RTGS$20 000 which is the equivalency of US$200.

The fine is almost twice a Government teacher’s salary.

The fine together with a host of other fines were introduced with effect from this morning through Statutory Instrument 23 of 2021.

People found doing public drinking will now pay RTGS$5 000 up from about RTGS$500 that was paid previously.

Driving without a valid car license will now cost RTGS$5 000 and many motor car licenses are expiring at the end of this month. Previously the fine was less than RTGS$500.

Police will also with effect from today be allowed to write fine tickets of up to RTGS$5 000.

Some lawyers who spoke to The Mirror expressed shock at the figures and said this will only serve to increase corruption in the Police force.

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