Gov collects specimen from Chiredzi woman

Morris Bishi

Chiredzi – Government is testing a deceased Chiredzi woman for Corona Virus after collecting specimen from the body last night.
The woman (name supplied) died of suspected Covid 19 virus at 7pm on Tuesday night and her body was only collected from the ward into the mortuary 25 hours later at 8pm on Wednesday as nurses feared to collect it without protective clothing.
Chiredzi District Medical Officer Brian Dhladhlara confirmed the developments and said that the body was only removed from its death bed after protective clothing arrived at the hospital from Masvingo.
The same team that brought protective clothing also brought testing kits that were used to extract specimen from the deceased’s body, said Dr Dhladhlara.
He said that there is so much suspicion on the cause of death that the body is going to be collected by relatives under the same conditions and rules used for Covid-19 bodies. He said that the burial will be monitored. The body is still at the mortuary and the woman came from Mkwasine.
“There is suspicion that the woman died from Coronavirus. We collected specimens from the body last night after protective clothing and testing kits were brought in from Masvingo.
“The body was taken to the mortuary after the specimens were collected and we are treating it with caution since it is a suspected Covid-19 case until the results are out. We are waiting for the family to come and collect the body and the burial will be monitored by authorities like all other suspected cases,” said Dhladhlara.
A source at the hospital said that the patient was treated like any other patient when he arrived at the hospital on Tuesday. Covid 19 symptoms only became apparent after the woman had been admitted into the ward and that is when alarm was raised.

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