Gold panners stumble on human remains

Some gold panners in Bindura have discovered human remains at Botha Mine while in Hwedza police are also investigating a case of a body of a disabled woman found with a detached leg in her house on Tuesday.

The remains of the gold panner were taken to Bindura Hospital for post mortem while the woman’s body was taken to another local hospital.

The woman was bleeding from the mouth and had a swollen face.

The human remains in Bindura were found by panners at Botha Mine in Kitsiyatota area.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed.

“The ZRP is investigating a suspected case of murder which occurred at Ndudzo Village, Hwedza on January 18, 2022 where a disabled woman aged 40 was found dead in her house. The body was discovered with a detached leg placed near the head and was half naked. It was bleeding from the mouth and had a swollen face.

“In another case, on January 18, 2022, ZRP Bindura Central recorded a case in which human remains were discovered at Botha Mine Kitsiyatota. The bones were unearthed by gold panners and had no flesh. The remains were taken to Bindura Hospital for post-mortem,” he said.

Last month, police in Harare also recovered human remains near a shopping centre along Solomon Mujuru Road (Kirkman Road).Herald.

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