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Gokwe Town Council outlines major projects for 2022


Gokwe Town Council outlines major projects for 2022




GOKWE – Gokwe Town Council has outlined the major projects on which it will spend its $1.1 billion budget just approved for it by Government.

Gokwe Town Council Acting Town Clerk Alexander Nyandoro promised 100 percent efficiency in service delivery to stakeholders.

He told The Mirror that the projects will be funded through council funds and Government grants and the aim is to complete all of them within set deadlines.

Of the approved budget, a total of 23 percent comes from Government grants like Devolution and ZINARA.

The projects are; 

  1. construction of Mapfungautsi Polyclinic
  2. Construction of a classroom block at Vision Kunashe Primary
  3. sinking of six solar powered boreholes
  4. Rehabilitation and repairing of roads and drainage systems.

New clinics are expected to serve between 10 000 to 15 000 people and reduce the distances that people walk to the nearest service centre.

There will be construction of more classroom blocks at a cost of $5.5m each and the purpose is also to reduce the distance that children walk to school. 

“Vision Kunashe Primary School is being built in order to reduce long distances that pupils walk to school and decongest schools like Gokwe Primary, CZM and Mapfungautsi.

“We have leaners who walk out of town to far away schools. This is difficult for ECD children and other lower grades and this is why we are constructing new schools,” he said.

Gokwe Residents Association Chairperson (GORA) Reuben Marufu applauded the local authority for implementing development at a time where service delivery was expected. 

“We are seeing a lot of progress and we want to encourage the local authority to continue implementing such meaningful development.

“We are seeing road rehabilitation works in areas like Njelele, Green Valley, Sasami and Mapfungautsi areas as well as drilling of boreholes to address the shortage of water and as residents we feel grateful as our rates are being used properly,” he said.https://masvingomirror.com


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