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Gokwe Town Council opens state of the art clinic

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Gokwe Town Council opens state of the art clinic



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GOKWE –  The Minister of State for Midlands, Larry Mavima last Tuesday opened a state of the art poly clinic built by Gokwe Town Council using devolution funds to the tune of $35 million.

This new service centre is an upgrade of a small clinic which served the town but can no longer cope with both demand and complex situations. Mapfungautsi Clinic is going to have 30 nurses and three doctors.

Mavima congratulated the local authority for putting devolution funds to good use and completing the clinic that will serve 11 000 households in one of the fastest growing rural towns in the country.

The clinic is located two kilometres south east of the city centre. 

The polyclinic comprises of a maternity ward, 4 male and female wards, an opportunistic infections clinic, transitory admissions, 3 postnatal rooms, 2 ante-natal care rooms, comprehensive HIV and AIDS care services and an outpatient wing constructed all constructed at a total cost of $35 million. 

Mavima said Government has embarked on life changing projects in marginalised communities in line with the devolution thrust. 

“I am exhilarated to grace this auspicious event wherein Government remains resolute towards empowering local authorities and communities through the devolution programme. 

“In this regard, I would like to thank Gokwe Town Council for leveraging on the rewards of devolution by constructing this modern health care facility. 

“I am proud to announce that the Central Government disbursed ZW$20.763.649.39 in devolution funds to Gokwe Town Council for this project and credit is given to the local authority for committing around ZW$14 .987.001.63 to the project which was finally competed at a total cost of ZW$35.750.651.02,” he said. 

 Mavima urged the local authority to take necessary security measures and maintenance of the facility to ensure its longevity and improve the general ambiance of the health facility.

“I therefore call upon council and the health ministry to expeditiously facilitate the employment of all required staff in order to fully provide sound health care services,” he said. 

Speaking at the same event, Gokwe Town Council chairperson Councillor Never Gwanzura said the biggest health care facility in the cotton farming town was going to bolster primary health care service delivery.

“We are really delighted to officially open Mapfungautsi Poly Clinic whose main thrust is to improve health and wellbeing of Gokwe residents. 

“Good health is central to human happiness and wellbeing as it fosters economic progress.

“This new health facility is expected to respond to double burden of increased mobility and mortality posed by both communicable and non-communicable diseases,” he said.

He said the polyclinic has almost the same capacity as Gokwe District Hospital and added that council realised that the old clinic was overwhelmed and there was need to construct a bigger facility whose size corresponds with the growing population. 

“We have a small clinic in Gokwe which complements Gokwe District Hospital. All nurses are coming from Gokwe District Hospital. The hospital is the district referral and caters for all the people of Gokwe. Our population in Gokwe town is growing and the clinic is no longer capable of servicing the whole town, thus why we constructed this facility,” he said. 

Gokwe district has 37 health care facilities which the local authority says they need to be increased to cater for the increasing population.

Gwanzura said the local authority has also constructed a primary school in Nyaradza area to decongest Gokwe Primary School which has more than 3 000 pupils.

“Gokwe Primary School was getting overpopulated with over 3 000 pupils hence we built a new school in Ward 2 in an area called Nyaradza.

“The school is part of Gokwe Primary School. The two blocks with two classrooms each are already complete. The new school is helpful to some children who were walking up to 15 kilometres to get to Gokwe Primary School,” he said.https://masvingomirror.com/


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