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Gokwe Town Council accelerates devolution projects

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Gokwe Town Council accelerates devolution projects



Gokwe – Gokwe Town Council is accelerating the implementation and completion of several devolution projects so that they are completed within set deadlines.
Acting Gokwe Town Secretary, Alexander Nyandoro told The Mirror in an interview that Vision 2030 is a reality and the local authority is focused to ensure that it plays its role in ensuring that Government goals are achieved.

The projects that the council is currently working on are the construction of a Polyclinic in Mapfungautsi, a classroom block at Vision Kunashe Primary School in Nyaradza, sinking of six solar powered boreholes and the rehabilitation and repairing of roads and drainage systems.
All projects are funded with devolution funds received from Central Government.
Construction work including a classroom block at Vision Kunashe in Nyaradza, two clinics namely Mapfungautsi Poly Clinic and Promise Clinic are going to be completed this month, said Nyandoro.

“The classroom block and the two clinics are high impact life changing projects and we are making robust efforts to complete the projects within set deadlines,”he said.
Kunashe Primary School is being built in order to reduce the long distances that children are walking to school and decongest some schools like Gokwe Primary, CZM and Mapfungautsi.

“We have pupils are walking out of town to faraway schools. This is difficult for ECD children and other lower grades and this is why we are constructing new schools “, said Nyandoro.
“Vision Kunashe Primary was named to inspire us towards attaining Vision 2030 goals in line with the Government’s economic trajectory.
“Mapfungautsi Poly Clinic will serve more than 15 000 people including expecting mothers and this will decongest pressure on Gokwe Hospital and Cheziya Clinic as well as shortening distances traveled by patients”, he said.

ZINARA last year also released $700 000 towards road repair and maintenance.
“We are resurfacing a total of 1 086km in the Central Business District (CBD) under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP).
“The ERRP is complimenting devolution funds as the local authority has moved a gear up in rehabilitating roads in Njelele, Green Valley, Sasami, Mapfungautsi residential areas”, he said.

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