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Gokwe Police bans traditional weapons

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Gokwe Police bans traditional weapons



GOKWE – Police in Gokwe has banned the carrying of machetes and other dangerous traditional weapons as murder and other violent crimes take their toll in the district.
Officer commanding Gokwe, Chief superintendent Tsitsi Chikono told The Mirror yesterday that the ban is going to remain in force for the next three months.

“Due to the rise in crimes of passion and use of weapons, the carrying whether openly or by concealment in a public place or public thoroughfare or public display of any of the following weapons; catapults, machetes, axes, knobkerries, swords, knives, spears (and) any traditional weapon whatsoever is looking likely to occasion public disorder or a breach of peace.

“I hereby issue an order prohibiting the carrying of such weapons in Gokwe district or part thereof for a period not exceeding three months that is from January 20 to April 20, 2022,” she said.
Chikono said any member of the public seen carrying such weapons would be arrested.

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